How To Create A Hotel-Style Bedroom

Staying in a high-end hotel is an experience that many of us dream of. With Egyptian cotton bed linen, lush thick-pile carpet, luxurious interior design elements and plenty of lighting options, who wouldn't want even a small portion of that 5-star experience every day?

To get you inspired, our interior design team has shared their expertise on how you can create the luxury hotel bedroom look in your own home.

Start with quality foundations

To create a bedroom that could rival a 5-star hotel room, you need to start with high quality foundations to build from. Choosing a premium bed frame and mattress will allow you to have the most comfortable night's sleep, and really achieve the relaxing hotel feeling as well as the overall look.

Another thing to consider is the style of headboard or bed frame. These can be a feature piece in a room that can add the same wow-factor as what you would get from a hotel. Complement your bed selection with bedside tables, a chest of drawers, or even a dressing table if you have the space, to tie in every element of furniture and create harmony in the room.

To get the best foundation for your budget and home, our trained staff can assist you in store to find a high-grade mattress and bed frame that is perfect for you.

Get a premium duvet

Having high-quality bedding will add luxury, quality and comfort to your bedroom. Once you've chosen your bed and mattress, consider selecting new pillows, a duvet and mattress protector to really enhance the comfort of your new bed.

For a duvet that feels luxurious, there are different types of filling and weights that add to the sumptuous feeling that you get in hotel beds. Although they all look the same, there is a huge difference in what will work best for you.

Luxury hotels are also known for using a high thread count of Egyptian cotton bedding, to add that deluxe feeling to their beds. We recommend opting for a neutral white or ivory colour, or a self-coloured stripe design. This allows you to add colour through cushions and throws, and achieve the neutral hotel-room look.

Create layers upon layers

To create a high-end look, the most important thing is to create layers on your bed and incorporate sumptuous textures through scatter cushions, a throw blanket or a rug. For example, plush velvet or fur will make a statement in your bedroom and help you achieve the luxury hotel-room aesthetic.

Carefully select your colour palette

In terms of colour, opt for a dark colour palette such as dark greens, navy or black through your accessories or accent wall, to create a boutique hotel look.

Alternatively, you could go for a more light and airy style with whites and neutrals in the bedding, walls and furniture, with the option of adding an accent colour in your accessories to energise the room.

Accent with luxurious accessories

A great way to inject some personality into the room is to make a feature out of the wall behind your bed. This will depend on the size of your headboard; if it's quite tall then this wall will already make a statement, but if not, you could hang specially sized mirrors above the bedsides, paint this wall a different colour, use a patterned wallpaper or hang pictures to add an elegant, high-end finish to the room.

Our top tip when it comes to accessories is to make it personal. Visiting a hotel that has location specific artwork or accessories adds a sense of character to the room, making it homely as well as high-end. Whether you choose to display photos, hang a painting that you love above the bed or keep your favourite book on your bedside, make sure your accessories are personal to create a bedroom that is one of a kind.

Finish with the right lighting

Complete the luxury hotel-room look by finding the best lighting to showcase your bedroom. You should choose an elegant ceiling light, such as a chandelier style or a large soft drum shade, and opting for a natural texture will create a warm and subtle statement in your room.

Bedside lamps and built-in wall lights help to add personality and complement your overall look, while creating a relaxing atmosphere in the room. Even small details like having a third switch for your bedside light and dimmer controls will really make you feel like you're in a luxury hotel bedroom.

As well as artificial lighting, it's important to make the most of natural light during the daytime, but still be able to block it out at night for the ultimate hotel-room finish.

Create a long-lasting statement with a correctly fitted window dressing tailored to your needs, and allow for finishing touches on your window. Using fine material for your curtains can soften the room for a breezy hotel-room look, however thicker fabrics such as velvet have a richness to them that is associated with high-end hotels. Dressing windows is known for being tricky, so we'd recommend consulting with one of our trained designers so that you get the right look for your window.

May 17, 2019

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