Vispring Beds



Each Vispring bed is built individually to order and entirely by hand using natural materials, including cotton, lambs wool, cashmere and silk to name but a few. This is the only way to create a bed that is not just supremely, sumptuously comfortable, but that fits you like a glove. And while your Vispring bed is luxurious, it is not a luxury. It is the perfect bed for you, the place you return to every night for deep and restful sleep, for years to come.

If you've never slept like that before, it can be a life-changing experience.

A bespoke bed by Vispring is a guarantee of supreme comfort and an untroubled night's sleep. Our master craftsmen use techniques refined over the course of a century, combining individually pocketed steel springs with the finest materials that nature has to offer.


Every Vispring is made individually to order - and entirely by hand. The skilled gestures of our master craftsmen, passed down from generation to generation, ensure the resilience and quality of all our mattresses and divans.


Inventor of the pocket spring in 1901, Vispring has unrivalled knowledge and experience in creating the perfect bed. We are the only bed manufacturer to produce our own springs from the finest Vanadium steel, offering a unique choice of 58 distinct spring types and four different tensions (soft, medium, firm and extra firm). Each spring is enclosed in a natural cotton calico pocket to ensure excellent breathability inside the mattress.


Our craftsmen hand-nest the pocket springs in a honeycomb pattern that maximizes the support offered by each bespoke mattress. Because they are not glued, the pocketed springs can work independently - gently supporting you from head to toe as you sleep.


Providing perfect edge-to-edge support and improving mattress longevity, this intricate technique takes craftsmen many years to master. Each bed is made with up to six rows of genuine side-stitching, using 100% natural twine and providing thousands of contact points between the mattress border and the spring unit. As a result, there is no need for a metal rod edge - which would reduce spring autonomy and comfort. It takes up to eight hours to hand side-stitch one super king size mattress.


Throughout its products, Vispring uses the most luxurious natural fillings sourced from around the world: silk, cashmere, bamboo, mohair, horsetail, wool and cotton. We are alone in using the finest quality horsetail from Moosburger - a family-run business in Austria - untwisted by hand to preserve the fibre's natural length and resilience. Adding horsetail to a bed is like giving it millions of extra springs. We are the only bed manufacturer to use 100% Platinum Certified British fleece wool, produced in keeping with age-old traditions with no harm to sheep. Soft, hypoallergenic, breathable and ten times more absorbent than synthetic materials, it works in harmony with your body to regulate the temperature in your bed. We also use a third of the wool produced in the Shetland Isles: regarded as the best in the world, it offers unsurpassed insulating properties and considerable crimp for springiness.


Vispring uses extremely generous quantities of natural fillings for cushioning and support. Our craftsmen hand-tease each specific combination of fillings to provide resilience and loft, which allows air to move freely and enables the bed to breathe. A typical Vispring mattress contains the wool from at least four fleeces - a proportion unequalled among our competitors.


Our master craftsmen carefully close the mattress panel and border, leaving no raw fabric edges. Slender but strong colour-matched tape-edging provides a beautifully smooth finish.


Carefully judged tuft lengths create a voluptuously contoured surface - a Vispring signature - without compromising comfort. Evenly distributed, the tufts hold the fillings in place without the metal rods used in less luxurious beds.


Vispring uses slow grown Scandinavian softwood and hardwood to construct its timber frames, with no particle board or MDF. Every joint is glued and screwed for added strength. All timber used has Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accreditation, guaranteeing sustainability and traceability. Fully sprung, fully upholstered and with edge to edge support, the Vispring divan partners your choice of handmade mattress to provide the ultimate in comfort.


An extensive range of contemporary, classic and traditional headboard designs are available in a wide range of Timeless Collection fabrics. Each headboard is handmade to order to your own individual specification for width, height and fabric - including the option to use fabric of your own choice for a truly bespoke bed. Three types of fittings are also available.


A bespoke bed by Vispring will bring you supreme luxury and superb sleep for years to come. We spend a third of our lives in bed. Choosing a Vispring could be the best decision you ever make. Sleep well, live better!