Blomus Fig Scent Collection

Fig 114

Blomus Fig 114g

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Fig 290

Blomus Fig 290g

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Fig 400g

Blomus Fig 3 Wick

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Fig Diffuser

Blomus Fig Diffuser

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Wellness at home. Take a time out from everyday life with the scented candle FRAGA in the gentle colour Rose Dust. The subtle fragrance Fig is balm for the soul. The characteristic concrete look in a flowery-playful rose tone gives the lightly scented candle a unique touch. Thanks to the use of natural soy wax, the candle is free from toxins, environmentally friendly, and will burn for as long as 55 hours with extremely low soot production. Also available in small and in four additional colours.

The scent Fig: Dreaming of Summer! Walking in the shades of fig trees in the Garden of Eden…. Breathtaking and unique, this scent ensnares with sweet, fruity notes and herbal, wooden aroma. It creates a perfectly harmonious composition, airy and light.

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