Himolla Aura


The Himolla Aura electric recliner features a built in footrest and 360 degree swivel base in a choice of finishes with a built in headrest that folds down into the back of the chair to change the look to the chair.

The electric recliner function uses a single motor action with an inline remote control that neatly stores in a pocket to the side of the chair. When in use the footrest will begin to open out from under the chair and can be stopped in any chosen position giving greater flexibility when compared to a manual recliner. Once fully opened the backrest will tilt into your chosen position. The Aura electric recliner benefits from a new power connection that allows for an external battery to be connected for wireless use. This optional extra is ideal for when the chair is not located near a power outlet for operation.

The built in footrest is operated by placing both hands on the armrest and pushing back in the chair, the footrest will then progressively open out fully at which point you can lean back in the chair for the backrest to move into your chosen position. The headrest is ideally positioned for excellent head support with the headrest simply folding into the back of the chair for a different appearance.

The Aura chair is part of the Himolla cumuly collection, a luxury recliner each Aura chair is made in Germany in your choice of leather or fabric.

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