Hourglass Magnetic Timer

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Hourglass Magnetic Timer

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Have fun in the kitchen with the Magnetic Hourglass Sand Timer by Stone The Crows. Magnetic Hourglass Sand Timer by Stone The Crows A traditional hourglass glass sand timer with a twist! Tip the timer and watch in amazement as the iron filings inside react with the magnetic base to create a different magnetic sculpture every time. Simply pick up the hourglass, turn it over and place it onto the magnet. The shavings will start to drop down over the course of the time and form fascinating patterns. When not in use, this timer looks great on your shelves too. The glass timer is available in 2 variants with a 3 minute timer This unusual gadget means that boiling eggs will never be boring again and is a fun gift for any wannabe chef! Magnetic Hourglass Sand Timer Key Features: Traditional hourglass sand timer with a twist! Iron filings react with the magnetic base.

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