Hypnos Origins


Wake up feeling good for all the right reasons. The Hypnos Origins Collection has been designed for comfort using the most responsibly sourced materials possible, including sustainable cotton and 100% British wool that's traceable right back to Red Tractor assured farms.

Every part of the supply chain from a Red Tractor assured farm onwards is robustly audited, from the collection, washing, and combing of the wool, to going into a carefully handcrafted Hypnos mattress.

Red Tractor can now provide Hypnos, and our customers, a recognisable industry standard that’s understood and valued, and by which farmers can be benchmarked and paid a premium for.

Wool is an ideal ingredient for mattresses for sleep due to its anti-bacterial, moisture and temperature managing properties.

Strong and durable, cotton is not only a hygienic and comfortable filling, but also a resilient one. Only 12% of the world’s cotton is certified as sustainable. However, both the unbleached, natural cotton and viscose sleep surface, and the cotton-rich comfort layers we use are sustainable sourced. In fact, our tick is certified by the Better Cotton Initiative.

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