JTS Mighty Quilted Beanbag

Orange Mighty Quilt

JTS Mighty Quilted Beanbags [1-3 Week Delivery]

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**Please Note due to nature of the size of the product - this item will be delivered with product in view.

This product is also available to order - this means there would be a waiting time of 1-3 weeks.

Product Dimensions: Width 99cm, Length 80cm, Height 94cm

Yes, I know I look different from anything you’ve ever seen before. But relax, I’m just a humble reinvention of the beanbag. Okay, when I say humble reinvention, I mean a huge, in your face, total revolution. I’m so comfortable it’s obscene. I’m as durable as a massively durable thing. I’m more flexible than a boneless contortionist. And I’m good for you too!

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