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Our Story Woolroom was born from the desire to enhance sleep using natural products. Using only natural fibres, namely cotton, wool, and a little alpaca in our Luxury range, we offer the finest natural sleep experience with our products. Harnessing the natural properties of these natural product means that we’re able to avoid nasty chemical treatments for flame resistance so when we say natural, we mean natural!
For the last 10 years we’ve made it our mission to bring to market the finest natural products to enhance your bedroom and deliver healthier regenerative sleep And we haven’t stopped there. We continually strive to evolve, enhance and expand our product range where we can, offering bedding in standard UK, US and EU bed sizes, as well as chemical free, naturally filled mattresses to give our customers every opportunity to create their perfect sleep sanctuary. You’ll also find that we have a full range of natural nursery bedding and mattresses too, giving little ones the healthiest start to their road of healthy growth and development. Our Bedding Since 2008 we’ve continued to develop our bedding range in to something truly beautiful and luxurious. Inside every Woolroom bedding product you’ll find nothing but carefully selected beautifully soft British wool – no synthetic liners or fillings, all contained inside natural and organic high thread count cotton. So, what is so special about Woolroom products and how do they enhance your sleep? Not only does all Woolroom bedding carry the Allergy UK seal of approval, making our bedding range the only completely natural bedding range to have this, but we also refrain from using chemical flame-retardant treatments, as our bedding meets the British Standards for flame resistance naturally. These features combined with the natural humidity reducing and temperature regulation properties of wool, and the breathability of natural cotton, creates the perfect sleeping environment for better sleep. This means that when you cocoon yourself in wool you’re creating the perfect microclimate for regenerative healthy sleep. You’ll notice that your body reaches the optimum sleeping temperature more quickly, you’ll sleep more deeply and wake less often allowing better rest and rejuvenation while you sleep.

Machine washable bedding

All our deluxe wool bedding is machine washable on a wool cycle with wool detergent. Don’t be nervous – we’ve tried and tested them to make sure that they’ll come out looking and performing just as brilliantly as they did before they went in. So, you can invest knowing you’ll be able to easily keep your wool bedding looking its best. Our machine washable wool range includes:
  • Washable wool quilts in a range of sizes and weights
  • Pillows in UK and EU sizes
  • Pillow protectors
  • Mattress protectors
Simply look for “Deluxe” in the product name, and you can be confident your chosen product can be easily washed in the machine, following our care instructions.

Machine Washable wool bedding: The science

It took us 10 years to perfect our machine washable bedding to make sure it doesn’t lose any of that Woolroom quality. Ordinarily, if you wash wool, the moisture, heat and movement in the machine will cause it to felt, due to the structure of its natural fibres. The end result means that the fabric loses many of the qualities of wool. It is impossible to create machine washable wool fabric without treating it in some way – so we’ve chosen to use biodegradable cleaning detergents that are eco-friendly. The process we use for all our machine washable duvets doesn’t detract from the wool fibres in any way – they will still work as they naturally should do, meaning none of the benefits of wool are lost. In fact, it is thought that cleaning up the fibres in this way can actually enhance their ability to thermo-regulate and absorb moisture.

How often will you need to wash your wool bedding?

The answer is you’ll hardly need to wash it at all. There’s no health benefit to washing it – it will be purely for cosmetic reasons or to clean up the cotton outers. Wool is naturally hygienic and self-cleaning – it doesn’t need to be washed. The wool fibres absorb moisture and stay dry, meaning that they’re not a breeding ground for fungus, mould or bacteria, unlike synthetic bedding or feather/down. So, while it may go against everything you thought you knew – our easy care bedding is truly easy care and is much happier simply being hung on the washing line to air.

How to wash our machine washable bedding sets

If you do choose to put your washable wool quilt through the machine, just make sure you follow these simple tips: Choose the wool cycle on your washing machine
  • Use specific wool detergent
  • Don’t ever tumble dry your bedding – it should always be line dried.
  • If you choose to take your machine washable duvet to the laundrette be careful as there is no symbol for ‘wool wash only’. We like to write it on the label to make sure – you can’t be too careful.
Animal Welfare We’re often asked about the ethics of using wool and whether we source our materials responsibly, especial when there is so much negative press around the poor treatment of livestock. Many of these stories are extreme and the majority or incidents happen outside of the UK. We’re proud to say that we source all of our wool right here in Britain from British farmers, which means we not only guarantee the quality of the wool we use but also the living standards of the animals that our wool is collected from. Sheep have been bred for centuries to maximise the amount of the beautiful wool they can produce and, if not controlled and shorn regularly, sheep will carry for too much wool weight which can be detrimental to the health of the animal. We also chose to build our business around wool because it’s renewable and can also be recycled at the end of its useful life. The UK has some of the highest standards in animal welfare for livestock which is encapsulated by the Five Freedoms outlined in the Animal Welfare Act 2007:
  1. Freedom from hunger or thirst by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour
  2. Freedom from discomfort by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area
  3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment
  4. Freedom to express (most) normal behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal's own kind
  5. Freedom from fear and distress by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering

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