Rom Versailles


  • Possibility to get a double electric recliner (side by side) in larger corner combinations (D). For the element „D“ (double electric relax in the corners), it‘s only possible to chose the kind of control tool of the relax on the element with the armrest, the other one will automatically be with control tool „Easymove“.
  • With electric recliner: choice of the control tool: remote controll or Easymove buttons.
  • SWING function of the corner element in option: possibility to recline the back.
  • Storage space under the terminal included.
  • Adjustable headrest (even in the element „C“).
  • Battery function available for all the elements, in option.
  • Larger sofas or corners (in steps of 20cm), or other combinations than the ones suggested are also possible, on request.
  • The choice of an optional battery for the element „D“ (double electric relax in corners) automatically means 2 batteries extra charged.
  • With SWING function, the headrest is fixed in the corner.

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