Vossen Ivory Bathmat

Ivory 55 65

Ivory Bathmat 55cm x 65cm

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£28.90 £23.12

Ivory 60 100

Ivory Bathmat 60cm x 100cm

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£39.90 £31.92

Ivory 67 120

Ivory Bathmat 67cm x 120cm

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£59.30 £47.44

Product Dimensions:

Small: 55cm x 65cm

Medium: 60cm x 100cm

Large: 67cm x 120cm

The Vossen Exclusive bathmat is highly absorbent and has a soft handle. It has a rubberised coating on the back. It’s classic design gives your bathroom an elegant touch. The bathmat is suitable for underfloor heating, is machine washable and can be tumble dried.

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