Vossen Pure - Bronze

Bronze face cloth

Bronze 30*30 Face Cloth

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Guest towel bronze

Bronze 40*60 Guest Towel

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£12.00 £9.60

Bronze 100x150 bath sheet

Bronze 100*150 Bath Sheet

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£46.00 £36.80

Material : 100% Cotton

The collection is 100% vegan and has been certified by the European Vegetarian Union.

As Europe’s first fully integrated textile business, since 2015 Vossen GmbH & Co. KG has been permitted to attach the MADE IN GREEN label to its products. This is proof not only that the products are free of toxins, but also that their manufacture in Austria is eco-friendly and socially responsible.

We use cotton from controlled organic sources for our vegan PURE Collection. The magnificent quality of our organic cotton makes the towels especially soft to the touch. With their elegant velour trim and harmonising colours, they introduce a truly unique highlight to your bathroom.

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