Harrison Beds

Lead Time: 8-10 weeks

Due to current worlwide logistic issues and material shortages, some items may be subject to a longer lead time. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Harrison Beds

Our luxury beds and mattresses are made with the finest natural materials and ground-breaking spring technology. It's the perfect recipe for a truly indulgent night's sleep.

Yorkshire Born & Bred.

Established in 1840, Harrison Spinks is a fifth-generation family business that today has over 600 people working with us, from farmers who rear our prize sheep to craftsmen who still hand side-stitch our mattresses.

We are very proud of our Yorkshire heritage and continue to champion local business wherever possible. For example, we grow 150 acres worth of hemp on the Harrison Spinks farm but require an additional 250 acres worth in order to fulfil production demands. This additional hemp is sourced from other local farms, but it is all processed on the Harrison Spinks farm.

We also aim to source all the timber we use in our frames locally. To help make this a reality, Harrison Spinks acquired a 56 acre wood that is only 25 miles away from the factory. We have also brought weaving back to Leeds once again, with the North of England having once been the centre of excellence for weaving in the UK. We have invested in a number of state-of-the-art weaving looms to weave our mattress fabrics, continuing in our quest to become further vertically-integrated.

Comfort from Nature

Our mattresses do not start life in a factory, but on the 300 acre Harrison Spinks farm in North Yorkshire. The farm is home to a flock of Texel, Suffolk, Zwartbles and Wensleydale sheep which we rear in exchange for their quality pure-grade wool. We have also recently acquired Angora goats for their luxurious mohair.

We also grow hemp and flax fibres, both of which are strong and excellent at regulating the body's temperature when used as a natural mattress filling. Once harvested, these materials travel less than 20 miles to our factory in Leeds, where they are processed and blended in-house to create sumptuous comfort layers for our quality, natural mattresses.

As the only bed manufacturer in the world with its own farm, we can ensure the quality of the fillings which go into our mattresses, as well as reduce our own transport carbon footprint.

In addition to this, we have acquired our own 56 acre wood only 25 miles away from the production site in Leeds, with the aim of sourcing the timber used in the business as locally as possible.

Hand-Crafted Luxury

Developing quality ingredients for sumptuous comfort layers are meaningless if they cannot be hand tailored into beautiful beds and mattresses.

Whether it is our skilled upholsterers crafting beautiful headboards, or our experts carefully hand-teasing and layering the luxury natural fillings into mattresses, the attention to detail is second to none.

It can take our skilled crafters up to an hour to hand side stitch just one row of one of our luxury mattresses. Years of experience are passed from generation to generation and it is the combination of these time-honoured craftsmanship techniques and ground-breaking spring technology, which creates the perfect recipe for the most luxurious handmade beds.