Kaymed has over a century's expertise at the forefront of sleep technology. Kaymed not only design specialty sleep products, but also manufacture the innovative materials which guarantee a perfect night's sleep. Kaymed have won numerous awards and accolades for their state of the art products and designs.

Response.Gel is a combination of a highly breathable instantly responsive pressure relieving material, infused with Kaymed's patented gel bead temperature control technology.

Response.Gel is designed to respond immediately to any body movements, ensuring the optimum level of comfort.

The unique gel beads disperse excess body heat away from the mattress surface and also combine under pressure to further increase Response.Gel's supportive properties.

Available as a solid block or on pocket springs, V85® is a superior grade fire retardant visco-elastic material used in medical applications. V85® has a high level of density that gives a combination of support and pressure relief regardless of temperature. While some materials require heat to make them function, making them susceptible to environmental conditions, V85® remains consistently comfortable throughout the year.

Therma-Phase„ represents a significant step forward for Kaymed as it combines a high density visco-elastic with an infusion of unique phase-change gel crystals. The gel works constantly to absorb, store and release body heat to maintain the ideal sleep surface temperature of 30-32°C. The result is an innovative material that provides the body with the optimum level of comfort, support and pressure relief “ essential for a restful night's sleep.