For some, sleep is something that just happens. At Somnus it happens by design. Something that we improve and perfect through constant testing and innovation. It’s the difference made by sensa intelligent pocket springs and the home-grown natural fillings, as well as the quality craftsmanship that makes every one of our luxury beds unique. At somnus, beds are not the end result, they are just the beginning.

Established in 1840, Somnus has over 175 years’ experience creating luxury handmade beds and mattresses that are at the forefront of technological innovation. Every Somnus mattress is British by design; from the locally sourced natural upholstery fillings we use inside each pocket sprung mattress, to the British craftsmen that assemble them. It is a traditional way of creating quality beds that we’ve kept alive for five generations – a tradition that always puts luxury and comfort first.

The pocket sprung mattresses are some of the most innovative sleep systems you’ll find. each one is upholstered with the finest natural mattress fillings and features our unique Sensa intelligent pocket springs. Whether you would prefer a traditional model from our supremacy range, or a no-turn mattress from our zenith collection which features unique i_tuft technology, you can be sure that with a luxury Somnus bed, you will experience a superior level of sleep.