Claymore Homes' Showhome, Peterhead


November 2018

The brief:

We recently designed a showhome for Claymore Homes. The team tasked us with creating a contemporary family home to complement the quality of the build, and attract potential buyers.

Design influences:

Classic luxury with a combination of a light base palette and jewel tones.

Key design elements:

  • Soft accents and textures brought in through scatter cushions and upholstery
  • Vivid teal and soft pinks were used to create a luxurious yet soft feel
  • We installed a statement light above the dining table to add that wow-factor
  • Area rugs were used to pull the furniture together, and make a large space feel homely
  • The sofas in the lounge were sourced from the high quality British supplier Duresta
  • Tonal furniture with statement accessories to complete the look

End Result:

Overall, we were able to create a light and airy space that set a welcoming tone to anyone coming to view the show home.

With our use of soft textures in the accessories and upholstery, the space had a relaxing, homely atmosphere while still having a very luxurious overall look that would be inspiring for viewers.

Finally, sticking to one trend and selecting a few key pieces for each room kept the space looking timeless.