The festive season is nearly upon us, and with the option to entertain family and friends in our homes again this year, it’s the perfect time to set the scene and get our interiors looking merry and bright.

When you think about decorating your home for Christmas, you want it to give both you and your guests that rosy glow as soon as you walk through the door, welcoming loved ones into a home that is full of seasonal joy.

If you’re wondering where to start, or how to strike the perfect balance between seasonal and stylish, our homewares expert, Sally Smalley, has shared her tips on how you can sprinkle some Christmas magic in your home, room by room, so you can have your home perfectly styled in time for the holidays...

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1. Deck the hallway

“It’s easy to overlook the hallway and see it as nothing more than a gateway to each room, but it’s the first thing that you and your guests will see as you walk through the door, so go all out with decorations in your entrance hall or porch to make it as welcoming as possible. 

“Hanging a wreath on the front door is a lovely touch for the outside of the house. Inside, you could decorate a small tree to display in an empty corner, wrap some twinkling lights or a garland of greenery around the bannister of your staircase, or add some floor lanterns with pillar candles to create an inviting atmosphere as soon as you set foot in your home.”

2. Create the perfect Christmas set-up in your lounge

“The lounge is probably the most important space in your home when it comes to seasonal decorations, as most of your Christmas activities will take place in this room. Whether it’s opening gifts on Christmas morning, hosting that long awaited party or having relaxing days and evenings snuggled up on the sofa with loved ones, you can really go to town and decorate the whole room.

“Start by putting the tree up - as this will become the main centrepiece of the room - and adorn it with your favourite decorations, or some new tree decorations from Andersons. Then concentrate on other surfaces, such as the mantle piece, window sills, any shelves and even the doors. You could display a cheerful Christmas ornament on any surface, hang a festive wreath in front of the window and frame it with pretty fairy lights, or add extra light with a seasonal lamp. For a nod to Christmas tradition, drape seasonal greenery over the mantle pieces and window sills, or hang stockings on the chimney breast. 

“Add an extra sense of cosiness to the room with soft, plush textures, such as blankets, cushions or even a sheepskin rug. This will help you create a relaxed space for guests to feel warm and welcomed in, while bringing a touch of luxury as well - perfect for winter.

“Finally, complete the decor with a seasonal scent, whether that’s with fragrant diffusers or the soft glow of a candle, lanterns or stylish pillar candles. Some of my favourites include Plum & Ashby’s orange and clove candle, or their spiced orange and red berry advent candle.

3. Bring your festive dining area to life

“The dining room is another crucial space in the celebration of Christmas - you want to create a seasonal set-up that’s perfect for having a feast and enjoying the company of your nearest and dearest at your Christmas get-together. 

“When it comes to decorations, a festive centrepiece for your dining table is a perfect way to bring some Christmas magic to the room, even when you’re surrounded by food and family! Incorporate seasonal flowers, greenery, tall candlesticks, votives or light up ornaments

“Again, you can layer up the room and create a cosy atmosphere with soft textures, such as sheepskin rugs on the seating, or plush cushions, as well as greenery, lanterns and lights to deck any window sills or shelving with.”

[image via Micheala Diane Designs]

4. Don’t forget about the kitchen

“Although the kitchen isn’t necessarily a room you would decorate for Christmas, it’s somewhere you will likely spend lots of time if you’re entertaining guests this season, from preparing food and drinks, to washing up. So treat the kitchen like the rest of the house and add some festive decor to make it feel more merry when you have the stress of entertaining visitors. 

“I recommend draping some pretty lights or garlands over the shelves or cupboards, or you could add a festive wreath in the windows for a decoration that won’t get in the way but makes your home feel warm and festive. 

“A lovely seasonal candle or diffuser will also bring a hint of Christmas spirit and make a busy kitchen feel a bit more relaxed with fragrant aromas, while helping to mask any smells from all the cooking.”

5. Welcome your visitors with a merry guest bedroom

“If you are planning on being reunited with extended family visiting from afar this year, creating a welcoming Christmas wonderland in your guest bedroom is a lovely touch to make them feel right at home.

“Adding a seasonal bed linen will instantly make the room feel festive - and is sure to delight your guests - while laying out towels on top of a cosy throw blanket shows you’ve considered their needs and creates a hotel feel for them. Display a couple of festive ornaments or a seasonal room diffuser on the bedside tables for an extra helping of Christmas joy.”

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