How to Style Your Home With 'Living Coral', the Colour of the Year 2019

Earlier this year, the Pantone Color Institute announced that Living Coral had been selected as the colour of the year for 2019.

This week we caught up with Sally from our interior team here at Andersons of Inverurie, to ask her why this year’s colour is such a great choice, and her top tips on how you can bring Living Coral into your home.

Why Living Coral?

“Living Coral is a great shade for adding a new lease of life to your home. Not only is it a bright and lively colour that brings a fresh sense of energy, the gold undertone of Living Coral creates a sense of warmth and softness, making it a very well-balanced shade.

“According to Pantone, this year’s chosen colour reflects the fragile beauty of coral reefs, suggesting that although it is vibrant and energetic, it can also be delicate.

“With spring and summer fast approaching, Living Coral is a fitting choice of colour for bringing some light-hearted joy and optimism into the home, but maintaining a relaxed and gentle tone that isn’t too overpowering.”

How to style with Living Coral

“Living Coral can be an intimidating colour for some people, as it may seem difficult to pair such a bright shade with other colours. However, we’ve found that there are plenty of options for styling coral in your home and finding other colours that complement it.

“I created a mood board that highlights the warmth and energy that Living Coral evokes by pairing it with a cool teal shade. Used together, teal and coral complement each other to bring a sense of balance that is both vibrant and mellow, which will create a fun yet relaxed environment.

“Living Coral can also be used alongside neutrals to really make the colour stand out while keeping the overall colour pallette soft and muted. Interior trends are starting to move away from cooler grey tones, so we suggest you use coral with warmer neutrals such as beige, oatmeal or cream, to keep your home up to date with the emerging trends.

“Another up-and-coming interior trend that complements Living Coral is the botanical movement. Think emerald green, floral and foliage inspired prints, and indoor plants or succulents.

“Since Living Coral is also a colour that can be seen in nature, it ties in perfectly with the botanical trend while creating a soft contrast to the deep emerald green tones. Overall, this colour combination accentuates the nurturing, fresh qualities of these shades as we see them in the environment, allowing you to create a joyful and comforting space in your home.

“I have created another mood board to showcase how this look can be created, and hopefully you can pull some inspiration from it for your own home.”

How to bring Living Coral in your home

“Introducing a new colour to your home can be tricky, especially a vibrant shade such as Living Coral. So, where do you start? I think coral is best used as a highlight colour, rather than having it as the base colour of an entire room.

“Accessories allow you to easily bring small hints of coral into a space and breathe new life and energy into your home. Coral glassware and ceramics are a great way to add a touch of brightness and vibrancy to a room. Alternatively, the warm undertone of Living Coral means that it works well as a colour for soft furnishings such as rugs, curtains, scatter cushions, or even an accent chair.

“Since Living Coral is a fun and light-hearted colour that brings a sense of warmth and optimism, we think it would be perfect to utilise in the living room or other family areas where you and your family like to spend time in. Coral would also be perfect to add touches of in the bedroom through soft furnishings, to give the room a fresh update that keeps it looking comfortable and inviting.”

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March 25, 2019

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