Clocks are a very popular accessory for making any room in the house feel more like home. Not only are they a practical piece, wall clocks can be a very decorative feature of a room to express your personal style.

With so many designs and sizes available, we have found that clocks are now being used to replace common wall features such as artwork and mirrors.

Here at Andersons of Inverurie, we have a large selection of wall clocks available in many different styles, colours and sizes. Here are our top 5 best selling clocks and a sample of what’s new in store.

Our bestselling wall clocks

Grey Mirror Wall Clock

70cm RRP £97

Our mirrored wall clocks have been very popular thanks to their combined functionality. The traditional roman numerals on this clock give a classic feel to a modern concept.

Skeleton Mirror Wall Clock

Large 80cm RRP £144

Oversized 100cm RRP £240

If you’re looking to achieve a vintage look in your home, this mirrored wall clock with distressed black roman numerals will be the perfect accessory for your wall.

Wharf Wall Clock in Limestone

30 “ RRP £140

For a modern, industrial-inspired look, this limestone grey wall clock is a great addition to any room. It makes a statement while still remaining minimal.

Verdigris Wall Clock

73cm RRP £72

This black and green iron skeleton clock would complement any colour palette thanks to its see-through design. It will bring some old-fashioned character and personality to a room.

Black Outline Wall Clock

122cm RRP £147

This oversized wall clock is sure to make a bold statement in your home. However the black iron skeleton design keeps it looking minimal and versatile.

New wall clocks in store

Metal skeleton wall clock with copper numerals available in two sizes

Large 70cm RRP £80

Oversized 100cm RRP £120

We think the copper roman numerals on this skeleton clock adds a fun sense of character to a traditional looking timepiece.

Clocksmith Brass available in two sizes

21” RRP £95

30” RRP £195

Black and gold are a sleek colour combination for adding a contemporary update to any room. This wall clock combines classic design with a modern finish.

Greenwich Timekeeper N04

20” RRP £100

30” RRP £225

This wall clock makes a traditional statement with its minute markers and dual time movements. Combined with a modern, metallic rim, this design will stand the test of time.

Wharf Clock in Pickled Oak

30” RRP £140

45” RRP £195

The rustic look of this pickled oak finish strikes a great balance against the luxe gold hands and numbers on this wall clock - perfect for creating a modern industrial look.

Antique grey skeleton wall clock

73cm RRP £84

Combining contemporary skeleton design with conventional roman numerals and an antique finish, this grey wall clock is versatile enough for any interior style and colour palette.

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