Tips For Refreshing Your Home Interiors In 2021

Updating your home interiors is the perfect way to embody the fresh start that a new year offers, filling your surroundings with a sense of optimism and creating a beautiful space to spend your days in. It's a time to look forward at new styles emerging, but with a nod back to comforting nostalgia.

At Andersons of Inverurie, we want to help you create a home that says something about you, a space that makes you feel positive, and is brimming with inspiration and comfort for you and your family. To help you do that, our furniture expert, Jordan Mcpherson, and homewares guru, Sally Smalley, have shared their favourite styling tips and products for three emerging interior trends in 2021.


Rustic Elegance

This style is all about bringing delicate touches to your home interiors to create a very elegant look which still has a rustic beauty to it. It's perfect for updating your home as spring approaches, as it feels very fresh, nostalgic and homely.

Pairing crisp greens and pretty pinks are fundamental in creating a rustic elegance aesthetic, with a combination of plain and printed fabrics in muted shades to bring about a high-end, elegant feel.

Rustic elegance brings both the old and new together, so when it comes to choosing furniture for this particular style, there isn't one size that fits all, giving you room to express your own taste. A great place to start is opting for beautiful, characteristic woods and slip cover sofas that can be easily updated - Collins & Hayes are a fantastic brand which offer the perfect mix of traditional and modern with their large selection of sofas, all of which are available made to order with a slip cover option.



For furniture, Jordan's top pick is one of our newest sofas in store:

My particular favourite piece when thinking of creating a Rustic Elegance aesthetic is definitely the Maple sofa by Collins and Hayes. It's stylish, curvaceous design lends itself beautifully to the addition of a slip cover. The design choices are endless with over 500 fabrics to choose from, so you're bound to find one that complements your own unique style.

To complete the look, Sally suggests the following finishing touches:

Add beautiful glassware, ceramics and floral blooms for a pretty finish that feels like spring. A beautiful, timeless rug could be used to pull the whole look together, whether it's in the sitting room or a bedroom, while linen lamps give you another opportunity to create this soft, elegant look through the use of fabric.

Earthy and Grounded

Home is at the heart of who we are, it's somewhere we long for when we're away and somewhere we love to return to after a day's work. With the comfort of home taking on even more meaning in 2020, the relaxing aesthetic of the Earthy and Grounded style is perfect for transforming your home into a calming sanctuary in 2021.

This style centres around a colour palette that is based on natural elements, with hints of a tribal, safari theme. Think neutral tones, subtle rusts, warm greens, and earthy browns and terracottas. The use of these colours with monochrome styling helps to create a peaceful space in your home.

To incorporate this style into your home, Sally recommends the following accessories:

Bring neutral textures into the space through rugs, wallpapers and fabrics - a great brand for fabric in this style is Villa Nova. Combining these soft textures with simple, pared back accessories complements the overall sense of calm that the colour palette brings, and ties the whole look together.



Since comfort is at the forefront of the earthy and grounded style, a neutral coloured sofa with a low, deep shape is ideal for giving you a relaxed look and feel.

Jordan suggests: When it comes to occasional furniture, I love the pairing of the Brandon sofa with our new Opera dining range. The dark weathered oak and black frames adds a bit of drama and interest to the room while keeping with the simple clean lines of the Brandon sofa, and the overall theme of nature.

Faraway Shores

With a strong sense of wanderlust and the desire to be in distant places once again, the Faraway Shores style brings a little bit of holiday bliss without having to leave the house. It's ideal for adding a burst of summer to your home, no matter what season we're in.

Strong blues, golds and reds create an evocative colour palette that's reminiscent of holiday and adventure, while white provides a clean and fresh neutral shade. Floral and palm prints combined with sumptuous velvet textures allow you to transport yourself to an island paradise in the comfort of your own home.



When choosing your furniture, opt for pieces that incorporate woods and leathers that will pair well with tropical prints. Jordan recommends:"If you are looking for a more pared back look but still want a piece of paradise in your home, Collins & Hayes have introduced the "Palm House Edit", with sophisticated monochromes and vibrant prints, perfect for injecting some colour into your home whilst bringing the outdoors in."

Sally recommends a blend of striking fabric and images with exotic accessories to complete the look: "This is an eclectic theme that can inspire any room of the home. It incorporates beautiful fabrics - for this particular style I love brands such as Andrew Martin or GP and J Baker - and brings this together with stylish rugs and imagery, along with foreign finds and artefacts. Dreams of faraway shores will surely be realised again soon!"

Feeling inspired? You can shop our beautiful homewares and accessories online with home delivery, while furniture can be browsed online and ordered over the phone or by completing an enquiry form on our product pages.

January 27, 2021

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