Wallpaper Trends For 2020

Wallpaper has been growing in popularity amongst interior designers over the past couple of seasons, and it is not stopping for 2020. This year, wallpaper is expected to be used everywhere for creating a statement look - even in unexpected places such as ceilings and bathrooms.

The key this year is out with the old and in with the bold. Wall coverings for 2020 are all about mixing exciting colours and prints, saying goodbye to grey and opting for warm colours and earthy tones as the new neutrals, with the re-acclaimed love of natural wood.

To give you some inspiration on how you can refresh your home with new wall coverings, Mhairi Buchanan from our interior design team has shared her insights on the top 5 wallpaper trends for 2020

1. Botanical

Whether it's flora and fauna, or tropical prints, botanicals have been very apparent in interiors for the past couple of seasons. Wallpaper is a great way to incorporate this style in your home, either through large graphic prints or more muted patterns, traditional florals or tropical birds. You can really make this style your own.

As with many industries at the moment, there is a big focus on mental wellbeing, which has led interior and architectural designers to consider how our spaces can impact our mood. This focus has become the driving force behind the botanical trend and caused the market to be flooded with anything inspired by nature - as bringing some of the outdoors inside in any way is known to improve our mental wellbeing.

For 2020, we are seeing the trend develop with brighter shades of greens coming through, instead of the muted navy and moss green that have been popular in previous years.

2. Chintz

Traditionally, Chintz is a type of glazed calico textile but in interiors, the word has been adapted to describe large and bold floral patterns of any kind. This style has become very popular for wallpapers this season, with examples of climbing floral wallpapers containing vibrant colours and large graphics.

The Chintz style is very traditional and romantic, but pairs with modern colour ways and bold prints for a striking contemporary look.

This is definitely a bold choice for wallpaper, as it's full of colour and movement. Many people opt for incorporating large prints in soft furnishings and accessories, however, the Chintz style would look great on a feature wall for anyone looking to make a bold statement with their paper.

3. Multi-dimensional

This is an exciting new wave of wallpapers emerging in home interiors, with the papers created in a way that makes it look almost 3D from the effect of the geometric prints overlapping each other.

The multi-dimensional style is super interesting and vibrant, as the use of highlighting and shade in the print is usually created on non-woven papers, meaning the paper has no texture. This style of wallpaper would look great in a home with a mid-century aesthetic, or in a modern space where you want to incorporate colour, depth and interest in the room's interior design.

4. Agate

Wall coverings with a stone effect have been a growing home interior trend, with agate being a new development in this modern style. The texture and colour of natural stones creates an interesting pattern that looks very luxurious and contemporary.

This wallpaper style is usually found in the form of murals, as it works really well when used over a large area. This gives the room a point of interest and creates a statement without being overly bold and vibrant.

The gemstone and marble effect wallpapers are great for those who have a more minimalist taste but still want to incorporate some pattern to bring life to a space. It's a great trend for those looking to create an elegant yet modern space in their home.

5. Art deco

Another wallpaper style that has been emerging this year is glamorous prints that are reminiscent of the art deco era from the 1920s. This was one of the most exciting and influential trends of the 20th century, and still remains popular in interior design today.

For 2020, we are seeing the typical art deco prints incorporated in a smaller scale and in warmer, bold colours. Think 70's golds, mustards and oranges for an updated version of this iconic trend.

With the smaller prints, this style of wallpaper lends itself well to covering a large area, or even all four walls. It looks great when paired with opulent furniture for a modern, luxurious look, but the art deco wall coverings can be easily adapted to suit any interior style, whether you love bold and vibrant prints, or a more muted colour palette.

May 14, 2020

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