Vi Spring

Experience handmade comfort made by Vi Spring. Each design is finished with hand-tufted British wool and cotton, Vispring-made vanadium steel pocket springs and the most comfortable natural fillings we could find.

There are lots of ways to experience comfort. For us, it all starts with an incredible material like fine British wool – it’s the foundation of the mattresses in this collection. Hand-tufted and hand-teased into a cloud-like texture, the wool gives our mattresses an exceptionally comfortable feel to help you drift off, effortlessly and uninterrupted.

Vi Spring make around 1.2 million springs a week using the same techniques we’ve always used. Each vanadium steel spring is wound into six identical coils – the perfect shape for supporting the whole body and to keep its strength for decades to come. Everything’s done by us in our Plymouth workshop. Nothing bought in. Nothing left to chance.

As well as its familiar softness, cotton is an incredibly durable material. It’s also breathable and absorbent, so it’s perfect for filling our mattresses. Vi Spring source our cotton from Turkey – with long fibres and an incredible sheen it’s a really versatile and luxurious material to work with.