10 Tips For Designing Your Living Room, From The Andersons Team

The living room is one of the most fundamental rooms in any home. It's a centre point for enjoying family life, entertaining friends and above all, relaxing and unwinding after a busy day.

That's why getting the design of your living room right is so important. Every home is of course different in terms of layout or personal style, but there are some key design considerations and finishing touches that work every time.

To help you create your dream living room, we've rallied the team together to share their top tips for styling this space...

1. 'I would always start with a focal point in the room and work from there. Whether it be the furniture suite, fireplace, rug or feature light fittings, choose your focus and the whole room should flow from there to create a warm and inviting space.'

- Fiona

2. 'Think about how you want to use the room first. If it's going to be a social space, plan out the placement and size of your sofas to allow for conversation and ambience.'

- Kerry

3. 'To give the living room character and interest, layer up different textures, patterns and materials. For example, you could mix metals with wood, or have metallic textured wallpapers to reflect light, then soften the look with soft throws or a fur rug to create a luxurious feel.'

- Jenny

4. 'Consider having an accent wall. This could be patterned wallpaper, a different colour of paint, or even textured wallpaper to add a bit of impact to the room.

- Amy

5. 'The sofa often sets the tone and trend of the entire room, as it's the biggest item. So, if you're starting with a blank canvas, choose your seating arrangement first and leave the painting until last. Once you've chosen your upholstery, the colour scheme will come together.'

- Frank

6. 'Remember to stick with the same style throughout the room to avoid overcomplicating the space.'

- Fiona

7. 'Choose wall coverings that create the feeling you want, whether that's impact, calmness or warmth. A palette of neutrals, soft greys and pastels on the walls can help to create a relaxed and welcoming feel, whereas bolder colours and patterns can bring more impact and a wow factor to the room.'

- Sally

8. 'Take the pattern of a fabric, such as on a cushion or curtains, and emulate that shape in other features of the room, perhaps the frame of a side table or the base of a lamp. This will help to tie every element in the room together and create harmony.'

- Jenny

9. 'Remember to allow enough space for added extras such as lamp tables or a coffee table. It's all too easy to focus on getting as much seating into a lounge space as possible and forget about occasional tables.'

- Amy

10. 'Finishing touches are important for adding some personality to the room. A rug can be a great feature to tie the wallpaper, furniture and window dressings altogether, while accessories such as mirrors and pictures can create a dramatic finish and add your own personal touch to the room.'

- Fiona

August 09, 2019

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