How To Inject New Life Into Your Boring Bedroom

It's easy to overlook the bedroom for busier spaces in the home. Since it's generally a private room that is kept hidden from guests, the bedroom is often forgotten about in the long list of home updates.

So, despite your best intentions of making it a stylish space where you can relax at the end of the day, the bedroom can end up looking a little boring and lacklustre.

To help you bring your bedroom to life again, we're sharing our top tips that will easily update this space in the home and make it feel new.

Look at the trends

If you're feeling lost on where to start with updating your bedroom, look at the current trends for inspiration. Following a particular trend will ensure that the room has a consistent theme, which will make your bedroom look effortlessly stylish.

Incorporate the popular botanical trend with shades of green and bold tropical leaf prints. Or, opt for the more understated Scandinavian style with subtle neutrals and natural materials, to create a pared-back look that makes a big impact.

Make sure you follow a trend that you love and that helps to express your personality. Choosing an interior trend for the sake of it being current will leave you feeling bored of your bedroom and wanting to update it again very quickly.

Add some colour

Bringing some colour into the bedroom will instantly make the space feel brand new again. We recommend choosing one or two accent colours to maintain a sense of harmony in the room and avoid it looking too busy.

Add colour either in the wall paint or paper, or in the bedding and accessories if you want the freedom to change your chosen shades later on.

Not sure which colours to go for? Soft pastels always look great in a bedroom setting. Mustard is a shade that can bring warmth and playfulness to the space, and botanical shades of green, such as emerald or mint, add a freshness to the bedroom that is very on trend at the moment.

Choose bold accessories

Accessories give you the opportunity to have some fun with the aesthetics and add a sense of character to your space. Since the bedroom is a more private room in the home compared to your living room or kitchen, don't be afraid to go bold with your accessories.

Throw cushions and pillows are the perfect way to bring small doses of vibrant colours and patterns into your bedroom, and makes the space more exciting. An accent chair also looks great in a bedroom setting, and helps tie together your chosen colour scheme, as well as adding some visual interest.

Create layers of texture

If you're not into bright colours and bold patterns, adding interest to your bedroom interiors can be achieved by mixing different textures. Having a variety of materials, especially soft textiles, will make the room appear more warm and inviting.

Layer your bedding with a soft throw blanket and a mixture of textured scatter cushions, such as suede, cotton or faux fur. A sheepskin rug is another simple way to add softness to the room and brings everything in the room together.

Aside from soft textures, adding accessories like plants, a wooden piece of furniture, or even an interesting lamp also helps to bring textured elements into the space that will make your bedroom more interesting.

September 13, 2019

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