At Andersons, we’re proud to work with a number of industry leading suppliers, each committed to producing superior quality furniture that can truly transform your home interiors.
One of these suppliers is the phenomenal Italian brand, Calligaris - which is why we have the largest Calligaris display in the north of Scotland. Their innovative designs and meticulous craftsmanship are the perfect addition to any contemporary home, with so many sleek styles to choose from.
To give you some inspiration, we’ve shared our 5 most popular Calligaris furniture ranges for a dining room that make a striking statement…

Calligaris Alpha Dining Table

The Alpha extending table is a beautiful piece of Calligaris furniture that is sure to impress any guest in your home. With broad, angular legs, paired with the beautifully smooth top in glass, ceramic or ceramic marble finish, this stunning piece is like a work of art for your dining space.

Browse the Calligaris Alpha furniture range here.

Calligaris Cameo Dining Table

The oval silhouette of Calligaris’ Cameo range creates a beautiful statement for any dining room. The space beneath is maximised by its central column to offer plenty of flexibility, with the option to use a number of different tops to suit your personal style. Opt for a refined metal/wood combination, or a blend of metal and ceramic with a marble effect for a playful contrast.

Browse the Calligaris Cameo furniture range here.

Calligaris Icaro Dining Table

For a dining table that looks like a modern, sculptural piece, the Icaro by Calligaris is a furniture must-have. The distinctive base of two wood finish legs fixed at an angle draw the eye in with its artistic appeal. The table top can be selected in either a ceramic, ceramic marble or with a wooden finish to create an elegant and luxurious look.

Browse the Calligaris Icaro furniture range here.

Calligaris Omnia Dining Table

The Omnia dining range is a prime example of Calligaris’ innovative and effortless approach to furniture design. It features a simple rectangular shape, a diagonal cut on the inside of the legs and a top that appears visibly raised from the wooden structure. The large top is available in wood or tempered glass for a striking aesthetic effect.

Browse the Calligaris Omnia furniture range here.

Calligaris Kent Dining Table

Last but not least, the Calligaris Kent dining table features a simple yet chic design that would be perfect for a contemporary dining space. Its distinctive base is made up of four angular legs and a connecting beam in a choice of black or wood finishes for a luxe look. The top available in glass or ceramic so you can tailor the look based on your personal style.

Browse the Calligaris Kent furniture range here.

Looking to revamp your home interiors with modern, high quality furniture pieces? Browse our wide range of Calligaris furniture products below…

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