Patterned carpets have become an overlooked option when it comes to flooring your home, as they usually conjure up images of outrageous floral prints which have fallen out of fashion and are now seen as an eyesore! However, patterned carpets are not just relics of the past, they’ve evolved and can now be found in a range of stylish, contemporary designs to enhance any space within your home.

To show you how stylish and versatile patterned carpets can be, we’ve shared 5 tips and tricks on how you can use them in your home as a way of bringing vibrancy and colour to your space….

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1. Bring a touch of colour to your floors 


We all know that adding a touch of colour can make any room feel brighter and more vibrant, which has a powerful impact on the overall space. Choosing a bold shade for a patterned carpet can completely transform the tone of the space from the ground up if you’re not keen on adding colour to the walls or through your furniture choice. These patterns can range from modern geometric shapes to more traditional floral designs. 


Incorporating a colourful carpet into your decor can simplify the decorating process, as much of the work is done once the carpet is fitted. Pairing the carpet with neutral furniture can help it stand out even more, and to tie everything together, you can add accent pieces around the room that match or complement the colours and themes found in the carpet.


If you're hesitant to commit to such a bold carpet, starting with a patterned rug can be a great way to test the waters! Not only can a rug be easily removed, but it can also help you get comfortable with incorporating such a statement piece into your home decor.

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2. Adding bold personality with striped carpets


Striped carpets can provide a lot more to a room than just being pleasing on the eye. Optical illusions can be performed with the addition of a vertically or horizontally striped carpet, depending on which way they are running. Widening or elongating a narrow hallway, stairway, or a smaller dining area is easy work for a striped carpet and could end up saving you thousands of pounds on extension costs to make your space feel bigger!


Striped carpets are most commonly found on stairways, making for much safer trips up and down than hardwood stairs. If you are looking to try patterned carpets out in some of the larger rooms of the house however, be sure to avoid clashing strips or busy furnishings and opt for more neutral ones. 


3. Carpets with a Scottish twist 


Tartan carpets are a great choice if you love to include a sense of Scottish heritage in your home interiors. This classic and timeless design remains a popular choice for Scottish home decor, and is an excellent addition to a study or living room, bringing a sense of character and charm to the space. 


When selecting a tartan carpet, take the time to find the one that best complements the room's lighting and decor - you want to pair it with a plain wall and more muted furniture pieces to showcase the pattern in all its glory without any clashes with the rest of the room. It's important to note that not all tartans have to be dark and medieval-looking. In fact, lighter and subtler tartans have become increasingly popular in modern home design, so don't be afraid to explore various tartan options before making your final decision.

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4. Think outside the box


With open-plan living becoming more common in our modern homes, it can seem like an easier option to just have the same flooring covering the entire space. Patterned carpets, however, can be used to divide up the room while still offering a sense of openness. Cleverly distinguishing between different areas, such as the living area and dining areas, can help make the space look bigger and more efficiently utilised. 


A divided space can also create a cosier and more intimate atmosphere, particularly when paired with layered rugs. When considering patterned carpets, don't be afraid to experiment with various swatches, just as you would with paint, so you can make an informed decision before buying your new carpet

5. Functional and fashionable


The benefits of patterned carpets don’t just end there. Not only are patterned carpets great for adding visual interest to a room in your home, they also serve the function of hiding a multitude of imperfections. This makes them the perfect choice for areas with high traffic or the rooms where your floors are at a higher risk of spills and stains. Spills can be more easily disguised in a patterned carpet than a plain one, making them much less upkeep than a risky light carpet which can experience a lot of wear and tear, especially in the presence of pets and children!

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