Recognised as a specialist in creating luxury vinyl tile flooring, Amtico is committed to creating beautiful flooring that is guaranteed to become the talking point of your space for all the right reasons! 

From outstanding quality, impressive attention to detail, unrivalled choice and more, it's no surprise that Amtico flooring has become the number one choice for many on the hunt for the perfect flooring. In this blog, we’ve shared 6 reasons why Amtico is the top choice of luxury flooring for customers across the UK and beyond…

 1. Exceptional quality

Quality is at the heart of everything Amtico does, from the intricate handcrafted details that form each design to the advanced Multiple Performance System that guarantees underfoot comfort, exceptional durability and resistance against marks, scuffs and scratches. 


The Quantum Guard Elite urethane layer is designed to safeguard against everyday wear and tear, giving you peace of mind that your flooring will remain as sparkling and new as the day it was installed - regardless of any mucky paws or muddy feet that come into contact with it.


2. Impeccable attention to detail

One of the key reasons why Amtico is the top choice of luxury flooring for designers, developers, architects and homeowners across the world is due to the impressive attention to detail that goes into carefully crafting each design.


When it comes to creating authentic flooring designs, Amtico takes the top spot. Through advanced aesthetic layering and meticulously crafted surface textures, Amtico prides itself on achieving wood and stone flooring designs that replicate the natural material. In addition, each plank and tile is finished with bevelled edges, all of which have been chamfered to create a seamless finish.

3. Wide seection of styles

From bright and bold patterns guaranteed to make a statement to simplistic designs perfect for giving your space a timeless feel, Amtico has a wide selection of LVT flooring to choose from. With four main collections; Click Smart, Form, Signature and Spacia, Amtico allows its customers to choose a flooring option that best suits their lifestyle and interior design style. 


Whether you’re a growing family with a busy household looking for a durable flooring solution that will withstand the chaos of everyday life, or an interior design enthusiast searching for the perfect flooring to complete your minimalist sanctuary, Amtico has got you covered! 


Additionally, if you’re considering adding a touch of colour or pattern to your home or workspace but don’t know where to start, explore the full Amtico range here.


4. Eco-friendly alternative

For many customers, what makes Amtico stand out from the crowd when it comes to luxury flooring is the commitment the company has towards sustainability. Developing a sustainable strategy that is driven by creating the same high-quality products with a smaller environmental impact, Amtico focuses on reusing 100% of its production waste and recycling it into other useful products.  


However, it's not just waste reduction that Amtico is targeting, as the company also understands the power of research. Working alongside local universities and manufacturing companies, Amtico is looking for different ways to take its engineering processes, product design and sustainable raw material sourcing to the next level. 


5. Years of experience 

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Amtico boasts a proud UK heritage and has been designing, innovating and manufacturing flooring since 1964. The knowledge and expertise built over the years has led Amtico to become one of the market leaders in the industry and has paved the way for others entering the industry. 

6. Easy to clean and maintain 

Nobody wants the hassle and stress that comes along with flooring that is hard to clean and maintain, particularly those who lead busy lives. The last thing you want after a long day at work or a stressful day with the kids is to be frantically trying to remove tough stains from your flooring or spending your entire evening deep cleaning your floors for the third time this week.


Simple and easy to maintain, Amtico’s LVT flooring has been designed with practicality and ease in mind. When compared to natural floors, Amtico’s low maintenance floors only require a quick daily sweep and mop from time to time, in order to keep it looking glistening and gleaming. If you want to go that extra mile Amtico also offers a ‘Floorcare Starter Kit’ which contains an anti-bacterial maintainer, anti-bacterial spillage remover, protective felt pads, and abrasive nylon pad. 


Ready to transform your space with Amtico flooring at Andersons of Inverurie?

As a proud stockist of Amtico LVT flooring, our friendly flooring team at Andersons of Inverurie is here to help you find the perfect flooring for your space. Located upstairs in our store, our flooring team can help guide you through the process of selecting the right Amtico flooring for your commercial or residential space and take care of the installation process. 


Whether you’re on the hunt for a vintage style antique wood or contemporary herringbone design, you’re sure to find something that matches your style. To browse the full collection of Amtico flooring, click the button below. 


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