A Guide to Choosing the Right Mattress

We spend so much of our lives sleeping, which is why choosing the mattress that is right for you is so important. 

Whether you're shopping online or able to come into the store, we have a range of different mattress types to suit different sleeping needs.

Karen Anderson from our bedding department shares her advice on choosing the right mattress and what to look for when shopping at Andersons of Inverurie.




The most important thing when buying a new mattress is to choose one which gives you good support, but is neither too firm or too soft. Personal preference plays a big part in this which is why it is so important to test a mattress in store before taking it home.

If you share the bed with a partner, there is also the option to have one side of the mattress firmer or softer than the other, which keeps you both happy and well rested.


You should also consider the size of mattress you want before you buy it, especially if you share a bed with someone. With a larger bed, you are less likely to disturb your partner and then in turn you will both sleep better.

I would recommend spending as much time as possible lying on various mattresses in order to judge your preference and find one that is the right size for you.

It's also a good idea to buy your base at the same time or at least try a mattress that's on a similar base to what you have at home to give you a good idea of how it will feel.



We often get asked by customers about the difference between the various mattress types and what they are made of.

Some people prefer an all-natural pocket spring mattress which has fillings such as wool, cotton, bamboo, silk, mohair and horsehair. All of these can be totally recyclable at the end of the mattress'life so it doesn't go to waste.

Others prefer a latex mattress, which is also made from natural materials and can be made with or without springs in a number of combinations, so you get the right amount of support.

There is also the option of a memory foam mattress which is designed to evenly distribute the weight of your body and ease pressure points.



Something that a lot of people maybe don't think about at first when looking for a mattress to buy is how well it regulates your body temperature.

They are all designed in one way or the other to keep you at an even body temperature, by the way of springs and natural fillings, by gel or the overall composition of the mattress to promote constant air circulation and ventilate the mattress.

We have a huge selection of mattresses in store that you can try out for yourself. Just head upstairs when you get to Andersons of Inverurie, and a member of the bedding team will be happy to help.

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February 28, 2022

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