Curating your dream interiors is an exciting process, but bringing your vision to life can feel a little overwhelming if you don’t have the right eye for design or simply don’t know where to start.

At Andersons, our complimentary interior design service can give you the help and inspiration you need for your next interiors project. We have an expert team of designers in store, all with a great eye for style and on hand to help you no matter how big or small your project is. From residential to commercial spaces, our in-house team can help you transform your interiors into a space that is perfect for you. 

To help you get started, Mhairi from our interior design team has explained the key steps involved in our interior design projects and answered some commonly asked questions about the interior design service we offer. 

Who is this service tailored towards?

“Our design service is perfect for anyone who is renovating or creating an interior space. This could be anything from finding a matching paint, renovating a whole home or even a commercial property. We have recently seen a wider customer range, from couples who are looking to revamp their space after their children have grown up and moved out, to younger individuals buying their first home.

“Having a mix of clients means we also see a mix of requests, such as families redesigning for open-plan layouts or people needing inspiration and help on how to better use the space in their home or business.

“We can also help with very small projects and answer any questions you might have. For example, we could advise you on how to best place a new sofa in your living room. On a larger scale, we can help create an aesthetic for your space, making your house flow seamlessly from room to room.”

What key steps are involved in the process?

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the process for an interior design project has obviously changed slightly. We would ideally like to see the area so we can really get a feel for the space during the first consultation, but photos of the space and what you like about it is also a great starting point for us.

“This is a great time to get to know the customer and what they like. We would encourage them to think about what they really like prior to the first consultation with us, which  can be done with the help of the internet and platforms such as Pinterest.

“After we’ve had a chance to pull together some ideas and create themes, we would have another meeting in store where the customer can view what we have designed and we can proceed from there, altering the design where necessary. We always like to be prepared with some alternative options because it gives us a chance to build on ideas with the customer, filter out what they really don’t like and come to some decisions. 

“There is also an opportunity for customers to try out the fabrics at home to help them form an opinion on what will look good. We can post samples to the customer, allowing them to see fabrics in their own lighting, as this can alter how the colours appear.

“Finally, a measurer will then come to the customer's home to take measurements of the room before a quote can be provided, and products can be ordered.

“Although this is usually the process we take, it’s important to note that not all projects are the same. A project could be something as simple as reupholstering a chair or choosing a print for the feature wall, as opposed to a full renovation, so these projects obviously don’t need as many consultations. For smaller projects, just popping into the store to speak to someone could be just what is needed.”

Can you give us any examples of any recent projects you really enjoyed?

“We had a couple moving from a country style house to a newbuild closer to the city. This project was really interesting as they wanted to keep their furniture from their previous home but make it work in the new one, so we ended up focusing a lot on window features and lighting options with them. Pendant and floor lighting was used, along with new curtains and blinds to really bring the whole interior together and make it all flow throughout the house. They wanted it to feel like home and we managed to do that for them.

“Another really enjoyable project we’ve worked on was the refurbishment of an old steading. This was a big project as they required everything from fabrics to flooring to curtains. Starting from scratch really gave us so many opportunities and a blank canvas to work with, and the customer really loved islamic interior aesthetic which we brought to life in the textures and design of the fabrics and coverings chosen. Accessories were very important in this project to bring points of interest into the large space, so we worked closely with our home accessories buyer, Sally, to get the perfect selections for the project.”

What are some common questions people seem to ask during a project? 

“We are often asked what is on trend at the moment. Although interior design trends last much longer than fashion trends, what we want to avoid is customers buying into things they might end up not liking a year or two down the line. 

“My advice would be to only buy into a trend if you really like it. You can also have subtle accents of trends which are not so much of a commitment but still look really stylish, such as lampshades, rugs, and accessories in finishes that are popular at the moment.

“Other questions are often about layouts - how to fill and use a space well or how open-plan living would work in a particular home. This depends on the individual customer and project, but it’s something we help clients with a lot.”

How do you help customers identify their own style?

“This is done in a number of different ways. We can look at what sort of styles they are currently living with in their home and how they feel about it. Although they don’t often realise it, their taste and style is already there in their old design, we just help to identify it. This could be a love for floral designs, for example, or a particular colour. Their style also can show in the way they dress and their personalities too, so we really like to get to know them and meet them in person for that initial consultation.

“If there isn’t a home to work with before, such as the refurbished steading project, we really look at inspirational pictures they might have picked out, or a simple walk around the shop with them can really teach us a lot about what they like. Educating and showing our customers about designs they might not have heard of before is also really important and can really help in identifying their taste.

“Becoming familiar with our customers' lifestyles is also key in identifying their style, as the two come hand in hand. Whether they have children or a dog could really affect their choices.”

How long does a typical project take?

“Every project is completely different, so we cannot put a general time frame on a project. What I can say is as an interior design team, we can advise on that once we have a rough idea what a customer is looking for. Different items have different lead times so we can recommend different options for people if they have a timeframe in mind.”

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