Dining Table Inspiration for 2019

The dining room is such a multi-functional space in the home - it’s where we eat, entertain, and sometimes even where we work. As a result, the dining table has always been a fundamental piece of furniture, offering a focal point of the room itself and of family life.

If you’re looking for dining table inspiration, we’ve shared some of our favourites below to help you in choosing the one that will showcase your home and enhance your style.

Calligaris Cartesio

Modern, clean, and stylish - this is a clear favourite across our team. The sculptural silhouette created by the coated metal V-shaped legs of the Cartesio offer a fresh alternative to traditional table legs. This innovative feature not only gives you the practicality of keeping table legs out of the way, but it adds character to a straightforward design.


A wooden dining table is both classic and sturdy, making it a timeless piece and perfect for family life. The Grosvner features English pippy oak and solid American oak for rich grain and a classy overall look. With tapered legs and upholstered chairs, this range offers a modern yet relaxed take on the traditional wooden dining table.

Calligaris Omnia

Add some personality to your dining room with a splash of colour. Pink looks great in a modern dining room, and adds an element of fun while keeping the space looking elegant. The tempered glass top of the Omnia dining table helps to make any space look light and spacious, and the diagonal cut in the legs at each corner creates an interesting but subtle detail.


The Herringbone range offers a luxurious take on the popular industrial trend. With black powder-coated legs and old oak parts laid in a herringbone pattern, it certainly creates a striking impression. We love how this table is styled with suede textured chairs, metallic accessories and chandelier lighting, to create a tough yet elegant look.


Round tables like this one from the Lucca range work well in compact rooms and offer more intimacy for dining at home and entertaining guests. This dining table set exudes modern sophistication and elegance with its monochrome colour palette and sleek finish, and the koto high gloss finish adds a lightness to complement the heavy use of black.


This large country-style table is ideal for big families or for those who love the look of a classic wooden dining table. The Sorano offers a relaxed take on the traditional solid wood table, with its cross-shaped table legs and leather chair cushions. This understated, casual and contemporary design sets you up for the perfect family dining experience.

Calligaris Ducca Ceramic

This dining table set is perfect for those looking to achieve a contemporary Scandinavian look in their home. With its straightforward design and white lacquered finish, the Calligaris Ducca is ideal for creating the illusion of space in a small home, or for adding an airy lightness to a room that needs brightening.

The ceramic top is also incredibly durable - there’s no need for heat mats, it’s great for day-to-day family life and it’s very hygienic.

April 18, 2019

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