Do you remember the last time you enjoyed a perfect night’s sleep? Or a morning where you woke up feeling energised and refreshed? If not, then you’re in the right place. For the month of March, we’re celebrating National Bed Month - an initiative created by the National Sleep Council to remind everyone of how important it is to get a good night’s sleep.

Crafting the perfect bedroom is where a great night’s sleep begins, and means you’ll be starting and ending your day just right. So get comfy, and discover our list of 5 Andersons products that will truly enhance your sleep.

Find Your Glow Wellbeing Pod

Carefully crafted and sleek, our Wellbeing Pods and 100% Pure Essential Oils range will fill your bedroom with delectable scents that will help you feel completely relaxed, improving your sleep as a result.

More than just a pleasant fragrance, these ceramic diffusers and essential oils are designed to help you de-stress and to find balance and harmony as you wind down for the day. A stunning, minimalistic piece that will enhance the aura of any room, these Wellbeing Pods can be twinned with a range of essential oils.

There’s an array of scents to choose from, such as calming herbal blends and fresh woody notes, so we’re confident you’ll find the perfect one to relieve your senses and refresh your bedroom with.

Our top picks: Rest easy with the soothing blend of ‘Hit the Snooze’. Expect a welcoming scent of fragrant florals and citrus fruits which can help you ease into a deep sleep, as both your body and mind feel completely relaxed.

Fine Bedding Company Breathe 4.5 Tog Duvet

Nobody cares for a duvet that leaves you feeling too hot or too cold - consider adding a temperature-controlled duvet to your bedding so your night’s sleep hits just right. 


These special climate-controlled duvets use Smartfil® materials and a unique ingredient called Modal which helps pull moisture away from the body to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the night. Investing in a duvet that goes the extra mile can be life-changing - say goodbye to restless nights and hello to mornings where you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.


We have a variety of duvet sizes available, as well as an array of tog ratings - the tog scale measures the heat retention of the duvet from tog 1 to tog 15, helping you find the perfect duvet for your bedroom.


Our top picks: Pair your ideal duvet with our Smart Temperature Cool Pillows for the most rejuvenating night’s sleep, where you’ll experience ultimate comfort from head to toe.

Fine Bedding Company Smart Temperature Cool Pillow


The perfect match for those interested in our climate-controlled duvets, our Smart Temperature Cool Pillows will keep you cool throughout the night.


Offering medium support, these pillows are created using Activated Cooling® technology from Swiss innovators HeiQ® and will help transform your sleep into a more restful slumber. Think of the warmer days spent out in the summer sun and returning home to the comfort of your bed where no tossing and turning is necessary to get yourself cool and comfortable. Instead, you can just sink into the cool climate of your temperature-managed bedding and drift off easily.


Our top picks: Wrap your new pillows with the Smart Temperature Pillowcases for an ideal temperature-controlled set-up, where you can really sink into your bed and enjoy optimal comfort all night long.

Find Your Glow Candles 


We all know that the soft glow of a lit candle oozes relaxation and creates a calming atmosphere that’s perfect for the bedroom. The blend of refreshing fragrances in every FYG candle is guaranteed to create an emotive and comforting experience that will help you unwind before getting some rest. Expect unique mixtures of cinnamon and vanilla, rose and amber, lime and bergamot and so much more.


Held within a minimalistic design that would look great in any bedroom interior, lighting an FYG candle will create a calming ambience and transport you to blissful surroundings and allow you to truly relax after a long day.


Our top picks: Think of days spent by the beach with warm sand under your feet as you breathe in the fresh seaside air - now imagine adding this scent and feeling of complete relaxation to your bedroom. The Down by The Coast candle contains a heady blend of salted seaweed and green florals, with touches of amber, cedarwood and balsamic.

Alarm Clocks


With all these calming and wonderful additions to your bedroom helping you find the ultimate night’s sleep, it might be just that touch more difficult to get up in the morning without a trusty alarm clock. With our range of sleek and elegant digital alarm clocks, you’ll get that extra nudge to kickstart your day whilst adding a stylish element to your bedroom.


From clocks with a sharp and clean aesthetic, to must-have edgy designs in space grey or wood finishes, we’re confident that you’ll find the right style to add to the look and feel of your bedroom - and get you up each morning!

Our top picks: Beautifully crafted, the Cube Plus Alarm Clock is much more than meets the eye. With the added benefits of stopwatch and timer functions, this clever cube acts as the perfect assistant to help you keep time throughout the day.

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