With the vast range of beds and bed frames available, a bed is no longer just a place to rest your head at the end of each day; it’s a staple furniture piece that offers you style and support. But to achieve the perfect aesthetic for your bedroom, as well as a great night’s sleep, choose your bed wisely and consider these 10 top tips before making your decision.

  • Create harmony with the raw materials 
  • Your bedroom is a space for relaxation, so it’s important to create harmony between the appearance of each design element in the room. Perhaps you love the luxe appearance of an upholstered bed, the minimalism of a metal bed, or the classic beauty of wood. Whatever your preference, remember to think about the colour of your bedroom walls, the texture of your bed linen, and the overall finish of your room too.


  • Find a headboard that suits your style
  • The headboard or bed frame is a striking element of a bed, and choosing the right one can add to the visual appeal of your bedroom. An upholstered headboard looks great alongside modern decor, metal gives you a minimal, urban look, whereas wood has a more traditional and classic aesthetic. 

    From velvets to linen, the fabric selection for your headboard or frame is very important too, as it can help you create the perfect look. A bedroom shouldn’t just look beautiful, but feel beautiful too, and choosing the right fabric is key. 


  • Choose a colour that complements the room
  • Make a small room feel larger with light colours, or create a cosy ambience with darker shades. And remember to think about the overall level of warmth or coolness you want to create through the colour of your bed frame and headboard. Keeping colour and their associated temperatures in mind will help you find the perfect bed that enhances your room’s style.

  • Remember that size matters
  • Although buying a super king size bed can be incredibly tempting, bear in mind how much space you actually have in your bedroom once all your other furniture is in place. If you’re moving into a brand new home, map out the bed frame’s dimensions with masking tape to see how much space you have to play with. If you already have a mattress, remember to factor in the size of it so that it fits the bed frame too.


  • Get the height right
  • Make sure you’re not jumping or falling into bed at night by factoring in the height of the bed frame. Keep in mind your height and the height of your mattress, and aim to find a bed which, combined with the mattress, allows you to sit comfortably on it without your knees being higher or lower than your hips. Test this out on different beds to find the right height for you, that will put your comfort first.


  • Be clever with functionality
  • A bed can be so much more than a bed. Ottoman or Divan bed frames can allow you to have hidden storage space, which is ideal if you have a small home or limited storage space. And some beds now even come with built-in lighting and charging points, which can be incredibly handy - especially if you want to have a minimalistic look. 

  • The foundation of a good sleep
  • When choosing a bed, make sure its design will give you and your mattress the optimal support. 

    You can choose from sprung slatted bases, platform bases, and slatted frames, and while all will offer you good support, it comes down to personal preference. 

    The best thing to do is get one-to-one advice from our bedding team, and come and try out the different options for yourself to see which you prefer. 


  • What’s inside matters
  • Although a bed can be a stylish piece of furniture, it also serves a purpose by working for your comfort and support.

    Fillings and types of mattresses can influence your choice, as these are important factors for a good night’s sleep. Mattresses come in many varieties - pocket sprung, foam, latex, to name but a few. And they all create a different feel to a bed. It’s worth checking your fillings too, as cotton, wool and latex can create a different finish to a mattress. 

    It’s important to find out which you prefer, and learn about what’s inside a good bed. 


  • Don’t forget about getting it in to your home
  • Before you buy your dream bed, make sure you can get it through the door and up the stairs to your bedroom. If in doubt, opt for a company that offers home delivery and installation, and can even come to your home to check the best way of getting it into your bedroom. We offer this to our customers, and they find it incredibly helpful.


  • Keep your budget in mind
  • So much of our time is spent in bed, so it’s crucial we invest in finding the perfect one that will ensure we get a good night’s sleep over and over again. Do a bit of research that will ensure you don’t end up paying over the odds for a good quality bed. We have beds to suit every budget, and can help guide you on which beds fit your price range, without compromising on quality.

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