Show homes can provide the ultimate inspiration when decorating your own home, with their luxurious style and intricate design details.

Fiona has designed many show homes over the years, and she said: “There are so many simple ways to create this look yourself, no matter your budget.”

She has shared tips and insights with us, that will help you create a beautiful and enviable show home look in your very own home.

The kitchen and dining area

Open-plan is the go-to layout for most modern kitchen, dining and family areas, and this is an interior designer’s dream. We can create a few different looks in one room, using techniques that make the space flow and fit seamlessly together.

We would always opt for a light base palette, bringing in soft accents and textures. This should be a light and airy space - we want to bring the light in, and keep it there.

Jewel tones are our go-to right now. We used vivid teal and soft pinks in the Claymore Homes show home that we recently designed in Peterhead, and this palette worked extremely well.

Here are some simple tips for making the kitchen the hero in your home:

  • Stick to one trend in all the areas of this room, otherwise it could look disjointed
  • Add a statement light above the dining table to add that wow-factor
  • Use marbles and stone textures to allow you to achieve a luxurious feel
  • Don’t be afraid to play with colour - think upholstery, accessories, wallpaper or curtains

The lounge

Your large furniture items are, of course, very important when designing your lounge. This is especially true for your sofas and chairs, and we would recommend taking your time when choosing your fabrics. We opted for classic, luxurious fabrics in the Claymore Homes show home, to create a timeless look.

But to truly achieve the sought-after show home look in this part of the home, it’s the finer details that you need to focus on. Finishing the room properly is key.

There are many ways you can do this, but here are some suggestions:

  • Scatter cushions are always at the top of our list for creating the show home look - they add colour, and create a luxurious look and feel. The more scatter cushions the better!
  • Don’t underestimate the power of lighting. This is what creates a welcoming and relaxing ambience. We would usually choose a statement ceiling light, like a chandelier or hanging pendant, and use a mixture of standing and table lamps too
  • Use an area rug to pull your furniture together
  • When adding accessories, play with different heights. This is very pleasing for the eye, and adds depth to the room
  • Don’t get over-excited - select a few key pieces, and keep it simple

The bedroom

Your bedroom is all about the layers. Pairing simple linens with a couple of throws creates a soft and sumptuous feel, and this is an inexpensive element that can be changed as much as you like, to continually update your style.

Accent walls always add a touch of elegance in a show home bedroom too, whether it’s a solid colour or a patterned wallpaper. It has to make a statement, and it always has to be the wall behind the bed.

Don’t forget about your windows. This is an ideal place to add style, through roman blinds, curtains or even a couple of carefully selected accessories.

The hallway

This is an often forgotten area, but it sets the tone of your entire home as soon as you walk through the front door.

Accessorising properly is the most important thing you can do in this small space. You could create a lovely feature with a console table - adding a nice vase or lamp. Or you could add a personal touch that has meaning, like a picture gallery going up the stair wall.

Lighting is important in here too, as this space doesn’t always have a window or natural light coming in. You could maximise the light with a simple mirror.

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