2019 has just begun, so now is a great time to revamp your home for the year ahead. Get rid of the clutter, breathe new life into your rooms, and create on-trend looks that your friends will envy.

Kerry Rae, one of our Designers here at Andersons, has shared insights into some exciting interior design trends that will be coming through in 2019, and given tips for how to create these in your own home.

Soft blush colours

“Grey will still be a big focus in 2019, but we’re going to see warmer colours being paired with it, to bring in some excitement.

“Soft blush colours and moody pinks are going to be huge - ranging from earthy tones to soft pastels. You can add hints, tones and tints of soft colours into any room - whether this is through furniture, fabrics or accessories.

“We have larger items that will help you bring soft blush colours into your home, such as new light pink dining chairs that have just arrived in store, right through to smaller accessories and sofas with blush scatter cushions.”

Bolder patterns

“Be bold. Opt for loud colours and bold patterns, but in small, selective doses. And don’t be scared to mix and match. Combining contrasting patterns will be a focus in 2019, for example mixing florals with geometrics, or even a hint of animal print.

“Wallpapers and fabrics are the perfect way to do this. Think cushions, blinds, curtains, and feature walls. Our interior design team upstairs has an enormous selection of wallpaper and fabric books that you can come and browse.”

Natural earthy tones and materials

“Although grey is still going to be in, we’re also going to see a move back to nudes, beiges and natural earthy tones, such as oatmeal. This will be teamed up with natural materials and textures too, such as hessian and brushed oak.

“If you want to add a bit of luxury or colour to this look too, pull in some velvet materials. This will be a nice contrast, and add an edge of opulence.”

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