At Andersons, we know all too well that home interior trends are constantly evolving and with platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest providing a never-ending stream of inspiration, it can often create a sense of urgency to incorporate these themes in your home. 

While home decor is an exciting way to get creative with your own space, we know that budget and sustainable living can play a huge role in your decision making. Trends are becoming more accessible, but it doesn’t mean you need to switch out furniture each season or repaint the house top-to-bottom to incorporate your favourite new looks.  

To help explain the current ‘in-season trends’, we spoke with one of our interior designers, Mhairi Buchanan-McKenzie, to get her take on how you can incorporate them in your home without completely overhauling your current space…


What are the key trends this season? 

“It’s all about simplicity right now. Consider pairing things back to create an aesthetically pleasing room that also serves well functionally. Within this, we’re also seeing sub-trends known as ‘bare’ and ‘cocoon’, which both work together in harmony throughout your home. 


“With ‘bare’ we’re looking at natural influences, raw shapes and superior quality. Neutrals and soft tones are the perfect way to create a calming atmosphere in an effortless way and can be enhanced through natural fibres and materials in warm shades. Think mango wood and grass cloth, and experiment with layering your pieces to avoid over accessorising. 


“An example of this can be seen in The Woodlands at Milltimber showhome, the new Malcolm Allan development. In the lounge, the team used a stone palette which alongside the boucle fabrics and linen textures, really embodies the ‘bare’ trend. This has been strengthened by using curved and natural elements in the accessories and lighting to add to the raw form.

“'Cocoon’ is a theme that involves creating a space to shut off from the outside world. It’s wonderful for this time of year to cosy up, but it also works in the lighter months as a sanctuary to take time for yourself. A ‘cocoon’ area can be easily created with warm, deep colours in a naturally darker room in your house. Embrace the intimate space by adding soft shaped furnishings and it will build an inviting atmosphere for comfort and relaxation. This is the perfect trend to maximise use of a dimly lit room. 


“The cinema room in the showhome fully honours the ‘cocoon’ trend. All walls have been papered in a texture that brings a warmth to the space and a darker colour has been used to enhance the tone in this room as it has less natural light.” 

Are there any key colours to support these themes? 


“Each trend will work well with a warm colour palette in neutral shades. 


“Throughout 2022, pink and mauve shades have been very ‘on trend’ and they’re not going anywhere as we approach 2023. What we will see is the introduction of a slightly more orange shade along with redder tints to expand this colour palette. 2023 will also see earth colours become more popular. Staples such as green will be a constant, but rosy yellows will also make an appearance throughout various designs. 


“For the master bedroom of the Malcolm Allan showhome, we used an eco-friendly paint brand, Little Green, in shade Baluster all over the walls. This paint is described as an ‘authentic grey limestone’ and was the perfect nod to the current trends, while also being neutral enough to last for the foreseeable and appeal to many people. Combined with natural textures, cushions and throws, this is an idyllic example of how to add pieces and layer up throughout the season. 

How can people incorporate these themes into their homes without completely redesigning their space?


“To fit the simplicity trend, I would say that less is more! 


“My biggest advice here is to invest in key pieces you love. Typically you can make your favourite items suit a trend if you wish to do so, and it can be easily done through layering. 


“Multiple blankets with contrasting textures such as boucle, wools and faux furs can honour the ‘bare’ and ‘cocoon’ trends well, but equally they work well individually and functionally throughout the year to add comfort to your space, so you can switch these in and out to aid your mood or how you want your home to look and feel throughout the lighter and darker months. 


“Oversized lighting fixtures are a brilliant way to add a statement and focal point to the room, personally I always ensure I dot table lights around higher shelves as well as extra floor lamps in dark corners when I’m designing. Light placement really does create the best ambience.

“Investing in a large rug will immediately update and add cosiness to a space. If you style with a chunkier fibre such as wool or looped texture, this will integrate the ‘bare’ and cocoon’ trend. Again, consider layering, you can overlap over a larger rug to create zones within one room. 


“Plants are also such a powerful addition to the home. It ties in with the more natural theme and they’re the perfect accessory that will never go out of fashion. If you’re not very green fingered, you can add foliage and basks to vases, these dry beautifully over time and create interesting textures.” 


What are your top tips to ensure trends stand the test of time? 


“First and foremost, I would say update your home responsibly. We are constantly hearing about sustainability and it's also a trend in the interior design world, one that will be ongoing for a long time to come. Find pieces you are excited about rather than buying into a trend because it’s popular at the moment. 


“Second, pick colours you really love, this way you’re way less likely to grow tired of them. It’s even worth considering your wardrobe as that gives you a good idea of what you are drawn to. If there’s a colour that’s ‘on trend’ that’s not already in your home, try adding smaller accessory pieces to capture the essence of that theme. 


“Another key factor to consider which can sometimes be overlooked is the lighting. Consider colours that flatter the room based on the natural light available. Co-ordinating light and colour will bring softness to the space that will last longer than a trend. 


“Finally, rotate your accessories. Swapping accessories throughout your room allows you to get more longevity from your larger furniture pieces, as you’re less likely to get bored of them.


“Overall, I truly think you should put your own style before a trend. Trends are an incredibly fun way to spruce up your space and spark your inner creativity, but I recommend adding an element of yourself here and there through accessories to ensure you don’t tire of your home. Techniques such as layering allow you to bring trends into your home without fully encapsulating something you may be bored of within a matter of months, it’s also the perfect compromise for you to put your own stamp on things, and ensure your own space still feels like you.”

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