Kirkwood Homes’ Showhome, Sauchen

The Brief:

We were approached by the Kirkwood Homes team to fully design and style the new 5 bedroom showhome for their development in Sauchen - The Brambles. They wanted to showcase the size and luxury this large home offers, reflecting their superior build specification while ensuring that the interior felt homely and welcoming, so that a family could envision themselves living there. 

Design Influences:

We were looking to create an inspiring, fresh showhome with lots of living space that a growing family would benefit from. Since this is a very spacious 5 bedroom home, we wanted to showcase the luxury and versatility of the interior through thoughtfully designed spaces and high end products that could reflect how incredible this home really is.

Key Design Elements:

The open-plan kitchen, dining and family area gave us a very large space to work with - there’s so much versatility available in how big the space is which we really wanted to bring to life in the design. The stone and natural textures create a warm feel while still feeling very high end - and complements the kitchen area really well. We love the shape and lines of the curved sofa in the family area - the earthy green tones is a fresh palette that adds depth to the interior. 

We used a stunning dark marble top dining table from Calligaris, leather upholstered bar stools and dining chairs, with a beautiful herringbone sideboard in the family area and a large faux tree for some greenery. The hints of black detailing on the furniture pieces bring an edgy, contemporary look and help to tie each of these separate areas together.

In the lounge we decided to pair light fabrics and textures with a shot of rich colour to create points of interest in the room. The dark green accents, paired with gold hardware and neutral tones create a very opulent combination to bring a sense of luxury to the room, while plush velvet textures and upholstered sofas make the room look comfortable and welcoming - perfect for a formal seating area in a family home.

This showhome has an optional fifth bedroom or social area downstairs, which we decided to design as a TV/cinema style room. There were so many options for what we could do with this space, but the cinema room was a great concept and allowed us to design a very inviting room that we absolutely love. We incorporated charcoal tones in the wall coverings and furniture to create that dark, cosy atmosphere you would get at a cinema, with soft textures and stylish accessories to make the room feel very inviting.

For the main bedroom we wanted to create an atmosphere that felt like an escape to a luxury hotel, with plush textures, a statement headboard and bedside lamps, and a chaise at the end of the bed for a boutique feel. The guest bedroom has more of a natural look while still feeling very luxurious. We love the organic feel in the guest bedroom and how we incorporated new and fresh ideas in this space, such as a big chunky knitted wool throw, a beautiful black and linen modern rocking chair, and luxury Egyptian cotton with natural linen on the bed. This room was all about layering different textures in a neutral palette. 

The kids bedrooms definitely showcase a more fun and quirky side of the home. Both of these were double bedrooms so we used wall coverings, window dressings and light shades that would appeal to a wide age range. One has a safari theme to bring a sense of imagination and fun to the space, but with grey and black tones so it still feels a little more grown up. We love the house headboard in the little girl’s room, with playful accessories to bring the space to life.

End result:

The showhome embodies contemporary living while including lots of textures to add depth and warmth to each room, as well as carefully planned spaces that lend themselves perfectly to a family lifestyle. Using a varied colour palette allowed us to create a high end look and feel, while appealing to a wide range of potential customers who would be viewing the showhome.

We brought a high quality of interior to the space to compliment the beautiful build specification and exterior of the house, while still making it feel like an inviting and fresh family home that potential customers could envision themselves living in.

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January 20, 2022 — clarke nicol