The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa

The Brief

We collaborated closely with The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa, renowned for its luxurious yet timeless charm, to infuse contemporary elements into the executive rooms while preserving the hotel’s esteemed style. The goal was to create a relaxing and classic contemporary aesthetic that would resonate with guests for years to come.

Key Design Elements

We embraced a diverse array of patterns and textures, intertwining geometric elements, subtle damask patterns, leather accents, boucle textures, and plush velvet. These bolder fabrics all vie for attention, yet the space still feels calm, and the seamless weaving together of the various elements creates a balance between contemporary flair and classic charm.

Statement Piece

The heart of the design concept was the headboard, a stunning statement piece adorned with an extravagant flamestitch pattern. This inspired a harmonious blend of mixed patterns and layered texture throughout the rooms in a way that feels eclectic but also cohesive.


Additionally, we reupholstered the existing chairs to seamlessly integrate them into the updated design, ensuring a sense of continuity while breathing new life into the beautifully traditional furniture pieces.


This fusion of contemporary and traditional elements encapsulates the essence of timeless design, creating a space that transcends fleeting trends, inviting guests to relax and enjoy the luxurious comforts that The Marcliffe has to offer.