3 Tips For Maximising Space In A Small Bedroom

Styling a bedroom that's limited on space can be incredibly tricky, as the room can quickly feel cramped and overcrowded.

To help you design a small bedroom, Val in our bedroom team has shared 3 top tips on how best to style this space.


Choose underbed storage solutions

One of the most effective ways to make a small room appear bigger is making the most of hidden storage solutions and keeping clutter hidden away.

But rather than opting for free standing shelves or wardrobes that take up additional space, choose a bed that has a divan base with storage drawers or an ottoman lift up frame to get the most use out of the furniture you really need.

The Hypnos HideAway bed is perfect for keeping your storage hidden - whether it' your endless shoe collection, or larger items such as suitcases and boxes. Behind the luxurious, upholstered valances is a concealed, easy to access cavity and drawers to give you a storage solution that keeps your small bedroom looking less cluttered and more spacious.


Add light with mirrors

A small room can often seem darker and therefore more cramped, so reflecting light is the most important factor to making a room seem brighter, airier and more spacious.

Choosing a pale colour scheme for the walls is one way to do this, but adding mirrors will really help you go the extra mile to make a small bedroom seem bigger.

Mirrored wardrobes are especially useful for really opening up the space and creating the illusion of a larger room. Plus the use of sliding doors as opposed to hinged ones gives you easy access without encroaching on the limited space available.

Make sure your mirrored wardrobe is installed where it can reflect the light coming in through your window, as well as your main lighting and any lamps to bring maximum light into the room.


Use floating furniture legs

Furniture is essential for any room in the house, but for a small bedroom it's easy for chunky frames to dominate the space and make the room feel very cramped.

Choosing furniture with 'open'or 'floating'legs as opposed to solid plinths can be a great way to create more space in a small bedroom. Instead of a bulky bedframe taking up limited space, a floating bed is suspended from the wall, with a hidden central leg that supports the bed to create the illusion that it is floating.

These beds not only look great, but they also add more free space to the room than a traditional, bulky bed frame would, allowing you to make your small bedroom seem bigger and maximise the amount of space there is available.

Alternatively, you could get a bedside table that is attached to either side of the headboard panel or the side of the bed frame, so that they appear suspended in mid-air. This also limits the amount of space taken up by bulky bedside table.

If you'd like some help designing your bedroom, please don't hesitate to get in touch! You can either pop upstairs to our bedroom department, or email bedding@andersonsofinverurie.co.uk.

November 20, 2019

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