With spring on its way, there’s no better time to treat yourself to some fresh, new home accessories to brighten up your home for the season ahead!

To give you some ideas on how to transform your interiors with stylish home accessories, we’ve shared some of our favourite pieces, from the key items worth investing in, to the ‘quick fix’ products that can instantly update your space, as well as the new trends for 2022…


Impactful investment pieces

Although home accessories are often seen as smaller purchases, choosing to invest in the right pieces can really transform any room in your home, whether you want to create a bold statement or a look that’s effortless and understated.

Mirrors are a great addition to any space in the home. They come in so many shapes and sizes, from classic rectangular frames made out of wood, to the more contemporary round shapes that have become increasingly popular. When used correctly, a mirror can make a small space appear larger, as it bounces more natural light throughout the room. Our current favourites are the geometric Beauly antique gold finish mirror and the Classic circle mirror for a modern, minimal look.


Lamps are another accessory you want to invest in, as they have the power to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere in a lounge setting, or brighter task lighting if you have a home office setup. At Andersons, we have a large range of table and floor lamps in store, which are not only practical but also create stylish decorative pieces to display in your home.


If you’re looking to inject a bit of personality into your space, artwork is definitely an investment piece worth having. Having a beautiful piece of hanging wall art always makes an impact and gives you the opportunity to add a sense of character and style to the room. Whether you love contemporary abstract art, such as ‘Sunset at Sea’ by Adelene Fletcher, or soothing landscapes and seascapes, such as ‘Side by Side’ by Sabrina Roscino, having a work of art that you love is a fantastic way to make your space feel even more like home.


Finally, a stylish rug is an excellent, yet often overlooked home accessory that can totally change the look and feel of a room. If your flooring is wooden, adding a rug will instantly bring a sense of warmth to the space, while also helping to bring each element of the room together. We have a large range of rugs available both in store and online, from colourful works of art for your floor, to calming neutrals for a more understated look and feel.


Quick fixers


Home accessories are perfect if you want to refresh your home interiors with ease. Rather than splashing out on expensive new furniture, picking up a few homeware pieces offer a quick remedy to a room that’s in need of a change.


Cushions and throws are ideal if you want to experiment with different colours and prints, while making your space feel extra cosy and homely. You can easily change the look and feel of a sofa or bed by switching out your old cushions for new ones and adding a contrasting throw. We love the Laura Ashley Nigella cushions for a bit of understated glamour, or the super soft Arya throw.


Bedding is another simple yet effective update you can make to breathe new life into your bedroom. Having a new set of bed linen, cushions and a throw can completely alter your space - perfect for when the seasons are changing. Pretty florals, such as the Orla Kiely Kimono set or the Rita Ora Avery set are ideal choices as winter turns to spring.


Adding florals and plants is another great way to instantly refresh your interiors. Bringing a bit of the outdoors in is known to provide us with a better sense of wellbeing, even if you choose to get faux flowers and greenery. Accessories like this can also help to enhance empty spaces and make a room feel more complete - plus you can add your own personal style with our fantastic range of vases and planters. At Andersons, we have a wide range of artificial plants available in store and online to help you freshen up your home.


Style saviours


If you’re someone who loves to stay up to date with the latest interior trends, home accessories are a great way to add what’s current to your space. 2022 will see the earthy natural trends continue, as we seek to create homes that envelop us - like being scooped up into a nice warm hug! Think neutral colour palettes, paired with plenty of textures and a slightly rustic effect.


Colour saturation is key to achieving the earthy trend, so if you want to achieve this look, consider painting the whole room in the same natural earthy tones - perhaps even including the ceilings, skirtings and door frames too.


When it comes to accessories, add sculptural decorative pieces and vases - such as the Mika Deco vase or the Mono Earthenware vase - and of course, fill them with refreshing greenery to bring a sense of nature into the room. We think the Rofus recycled throw, Inas natural cushion and the Akari rattan lantern are other great starting points for achieving the earthy, natural look in your home too.


This season at Andersons…

At Andersons, we have a lot of new accessories making their way into the store as the seasons start to change, including beautiful new plants and silks. Our current favourites are the new Pussy Willow branches and Yucca plants, which fit in fantastically with the interior trends of 2022! We’re also looking forward to seeing some beautiful sculptural ceramic vases arriving in store soon - stay tuned!

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